Sales video

Aiming to increase the efficiency of your sales? Use motion pictures!

The products and services of companies are increasingly complex and detailed. A professional sales video is a surefire way to catch the interest of a buyer and stand out from the crowd when you want to communicate your message to a broad target audience quickly and cost-effectively.

Filmloop produces narrative content of a high quality, which puts the spotlight on genuine people. By choosing us, you know what you’re getting: effective content marketing that attracts the customer’s attention, strengthens your brand and increases your sales. The video provides your customer with an easy way to get to know your company, the products and services it offers, or perhaps recruitment opportunities. The performance indicators of the sales videos include cost savings as well as increases in the number of leads and job applications and improved sales.

Let’s get started!

  1. Preproduction: Target setting, interview, script and organization.
  2. Production: Shooting
  3. Post-production: Editing, sound design, color correcting and mastering.
  4. Measuring: Measurement and follow-up of the set targets.

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