Training video

How to induct a great number of people for a small cost? Try video training.

The world is more global than ever before. Increasingly often, a company’s offices are located in several different cities and countries. Videos make the the training of personnel, customers, and re-sellers an easy and cost-effective endeavor.

Filmloop produces pedagogically designed training videos that support learning and motivation. Whether dealing with induction, a video that serves as a manual, or an online course, a motion picture enables independent studying, regardless of the time and place and in the learner’s own language.

The performance indicators of training videos include tests that validate learning, the reduction of training resources, improved occupational safety, longer service life for machines and equipment, and a reduction in complaints.

Let’s get started!

  1. Preproduction: Target setting, interview, script and organization.
  2. Production: Shooting
  3. Post-production: Editing, sound design, color correcting and mastering.
  4. Measuring: Measurement and follow-up of the set targets.

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